The Curated Table

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The Curated Table

For Your Tabletop’s Luxury Layaway Series

Who doesn’t love sitting down to a beautifully set table surrounded by the people you care about most, your family and friends? Truth be told, setting a table can be daunting. You’ve seen the beautifully curated tables in the magazines- the ones that speak of collections gathered over time, the wonderful mix of plates and patterns, glassware, flatware, linens, and interesting accessories. And it would be great to have the time to stalk auction houses or to have family heirlooms that you love using and could add to. But, alas, you may not have either the time or the heirlooms.

For Your Tabletop’s The Curated Table is your answer. You can start building your collection of beautiful tableware today. A collection that will grow monthly and in six months’ time, you’ll have a complete service to set a classic table. Each monthly shipment comes to you with useful tips to help you use each item right away, while building your collection. Of course, for those who can’t wait, we also provide the option to purchase the entire curated collection at once!

Month 1: Mottahedeh’s Sacred Bird and Butterfly 6.75″ plates

Month 2: Glassware collection including decanters, flasks, glasses

Month 3: Hand embroidered 100% European linen napkins in Coral pattern sent in an acid-free archival storage box

Month 4: Mottahedeh’s Famille Vert 8.5″ plates

Month 5: Hand-painted hard placemats in malachite green

Month 6: Mottahedeh’s Blue Canton 10″ plates

*** Would you like to add a great flatware pattern to accompany The Curated Table? Please take a look at our Alain Saint Jonais Mito french boxwood handled flatware