Vintage Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf Monteith Bowl


Pristine vintage Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf Monteith Bowls. Traditionally a Monteith bowl was for the cooling of wine glasses at the table, but now it refers to items with the saw-tooth rim. These are tremendous for displays of flowers on the table or filled with fruit. In a pinch, you could pop a potted maiden fern or azalea in these for an instant bit of drama. Two are available.

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IMG_0584Stylish and distinctive. These Monteith bowls look spectacular filled or empty! A bit of history: the first mention of these bowls was from an Englishman, Anthony Wood, in his autobiography, in 1683

“This yeare in the summer time came up a vessel or bason notched at the brims to let drinking glasses hang there by the foot so that the body or drinking place might stand in the water to cool them. Such a bason was called a ‘Monteigh’ from a fantastical Scot called ‘Monsieur Monteigh’ who at that time or a little before wore the bottoms of his cloake or coate so notched U U U U.” 

One of the most prized of Chinese Export patterns, Tobacco Leaf was developed circa 1780, probably for the Portuguese and Brazilian markets – though examples have also been found in other European countries and in North America. Mottahedeh holds a license to reproduce this classic pattern from museum pieces in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. This exact and authorized reproduction requires twenty-eight colors including 22K gold and five firings to manufacture. The joyous exuberance of the Tobacco Leaf pattern is undiminished by time.



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