Yet another reason to like mayonnaise!

Homemade-MayonnaiseLike we need one! This morning, I picked up my morning coffee cup and saucer and, “Hmm.” It was stuck to the table. The saucer was fresh from the dishwasher and, unbeknown to me, was still wet or at least damp on the underside when I set it down. It gave a gasp of struggle as I picked it up, but enough to make me look down and notice that some of the finish had been lifted from the area under the saucer. I didn’t have any coconut oil- a usual go to for furniture, but I did have some Trader Joe’s Organic Mayonnaise! I rubbed some in with a cloth and presto! The finish was restored. I’m not convinced it was the brand or the fact that it was organic that had the positive impact on the wood, but the hack is worth keeping in your back pocket. The key here is TIME! The sooner you get oil into the wood, the more success you’ll have in restoring your finish! Now, if I can only get my boxer, Dustin, to stop licking that corner of the table…



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