So, just who had the idea?!


Marie Antoinette may just have had the most recognizable décolletage in history, all thanks to the champagne coupe- that old-time glass shape said to be modeled after the ill-fated Queen’s breast (Which one- right or left? We’ll never know!). Like all cocktail accessories, the coupe is having a bit of a renaissance, thanks to Riedel, the 300 year old Austrian glass company. They’ve brought back the Veritas Coupe for you to enjoy your bubbly from- quite appropriate, since Marie was an Austrian princess before she transformed herself into Queen of France. y-_images_riedel_veritas_web_6449-09_veritas_02_black_1



Riddle is marketing these as useful for martinis and other cocktails, which is smart- who has room for glassware with only one purpose? Okay, I do…







Dom glass



I still LOVE my Baccarat Dom Perignon flutes introduced in the 70’s, and still made today. For me, they are the epitome of that hyper-cool decade. And shouldn’t drinking champagne be a transformative experience?! So whether you dream of the Ancien Regime, Gatsby’s Long Island or breezy LA in the 70’s, enjoy. Cheers!



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