Simple ways to ‘season up’ your table

The flood of catalogs has begun. Everything you could possibly need and more for all your holiday entertaining can be yours!! Now, all you need is a storage facility to house your off-season furniture and accessories… No disrespect to these mighty retailers- but the reality is you really don’t need a whole new set of everything to feel like you can celebrate the upcoming holidays. Here are some tips to help streamline the seasonal holiday decorating:

Xmas1. A set of napkins can work wonders transforming your dishes. A set for Thanksgiving or for Christmas, and you can make a dramatic change to your “ordinary time” table.





2. That all important fruit bowl filled with what’s fresh and in season. Pears, mandarines, grapes, lemons- these colors conjure the fall harvest and help communicate what Thanksgiving is all about.




Pomegranates or oranges that have been transformed into pomanders can do the same for Christmas. And don’t forget: a few snips of green leaves really dresses things up.




IMG_06313. A swap out of candle color. If you have candlesticks on your table or anywhere in your home, a sure-fire redux is to change out the ivory candles for a warmer color- maybe a natural honey tone for now and either a red or dark green for December.


Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed by the upcoming holidays- a few simple changes can bring the right amount of festive cheer to your table. And remember, it’s the people around your table that are most important!



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