Practically perfect…




Got to love a man with a vision. Robert Couturier, the New York designer, has a new book out, Designing Paradises, and was interviewed in New York Social Diary, the online who’s/what’s in New York put out by David Patrick Columbia. First of all, only knowing him from his interviews, he is what my friend David Jones, the Los Angeles society florist, would have called “raffiné”- candid, funny and cultured.

“I’ve never believed in perfection, even in interior perfection. In the work that I do, I strive to make people happy, which is why I only work with people I like … because why make people you don’t like happy?! But the role of fantasy is hugely important and we all [fantasize] all the time. And that is true for interiors—we need fantasy.

So relax. Make people happy. Fantasize. To help, here are some images from Mr. Couturier’s Soho loft…

RC dining roomA shot into the library/dining room. The chairs are 18th century Danish, the table is Louis XVI, the cabinet was made for Robert’s grandfather’s office in his Paris house, and the Ernest Boiceau rug is 20th century. I love the chairs “at rest” against the walls and the table closed without its leaves posing as a center table.

RC livingThe view into the living room. Yes, it’s a white suede sofa!

RC DressingThe gentleman has a dressing area behind a curved wall in his office! I love the personal touches on the French side table. Yes, there’s always room for a plastic dog from Target! Small detail, but he also lives with cords and cables! So often, these are taken out of interior photos… Again, life isn’t perfect!



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