rainbow napkinsI’m often asked about napkins for everyday use, and I always tell those who inquire that a good cotton napkin is hard to beat. They wash up easily, and if you get them as they come out of the washer, give them a snap, and then smooth them out, they air dry without needing to be ironed. How easy is that? And what could be better than these colorful napkins from that are handwoven in India? I love the colors, the jaunty white stripes, and the fact that they come in sets of 10 mean that if you get behind in your laundry, chances are you’ll always have clean napkins ready to go. These rightly made the cover of “The Best” section in the July/August House Beautiful. You can also feel good that these napkins are ‘fair-trade certified”, so craftspeople aren’t exploited producing them, so now you can use real cloth napkins every day and not feel the slightest twinge of guilt.

housebeau_best_oI always think that using a real napkin makes the meal you are having seem more “real”. We all use a paper towel from time to time, I’m under no illusions about that or the handiness of these, but I do hate tossing them in the trash along with so much other “stuff”. And a real napkin CAN last longer than one go-round. Don’t freak out, but when it’s “just family” this is quite okay! Napkin rings were actually created for this purpose so you’d get your same napkin a second or third time. After all, how could you tell one white napkin from another? With these colorful beauties, assign a family member a color and there’s no need to guess which is whose!




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