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Holiday season is almost here, and it’s the perfect time for get-togethers, dinner parties and family gatherings. Table settings are often overlooked when planning an event, but they can help set the tone for an evening of fun. Table design expert Robert Beukema has some holiday entertaining/table design tips and discusses the importance of sitting around a table.


Five trends in holiday table settings:

1) Personalization. Your table doesn’t have to look like a page out of a catalog. Use something that you’ve sourced – from a trip, from a shop you’ve discovered – to help better tell your story around the table to your extended family at the holidays.

2) Mix it up. Old and new. High end and low end. It prevents the table from becoming one note. And you want your table to sing for the holidays.

3) Don’t be afraid of introducing color. Nothing says “festive” like color. White dishes are fine, but good food looks good on any kind of dish.

4) Repurpose. Add sparkle and shine. For example, use silver ashtrays from generations past as votive candle holders. Saying with the theme, cigarette holder cups can be used as bud vases.

5) Keep it real – bowls of seasonal fruit, fresh flowers or pine boughs for centerpieces as opposed to gimmicky things from the local party store.

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