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YSL: Villa Mabrouka


  The dining room with walls clad in bamboo matting, late-19th-century lamps from Madeleine Castaing’s Paris shop and dining chairs by McGuire.     “…Life at Mabrouka was quiet and private. Saint Laurent read, listened to opera and the birds, and watched movies and fishing boats. He went on walks and shared simple meals with close friends, including his muses Betty Catroux and Loulou de la Falaise, the interior designer Alberto Pinto and the garden designer Madison Cox. The glamorous… Continue reading

Finishing Touches

christmas branch linenIMG_9036

Tis the season. Trees, lights, wreaths, ornaments – you name it, there is decorating to be done. And while you’re thinking about such things, have you thought about your table? A fine finishing touch could be these beautiful hand embroidered linens. The 100% linen cloth carries the Masters of Linen tag, which guarantees that they are made with the finest quality linen produced in the European Union in harmony with environmental policies. With each washing, the fabric will become even more… Continue reading

Yes, please!

inscribed 16.25platter_grande

16.25″ Inscribed platter Just when you think you’ve seen everything, you’re surprised! These plates by artist Pauline Curtiss are just such a surprise. She has transposed her pen and ink drawings onto porcelain dinner ware using lead free pigments to great effect. These transform the “white dish” just enough to make a personal statement. This collection includes small plates, serving bowls and platters to use on their own or mix in with your own dishes and are in limited edition… Continue reading

“This is where we celebrate everything…”

HB Dining Room Suzanne Sharp

Well said, Suzanne Sharp, co-founder and Creative Director, The Rug Company, Notting Hill, London. She loves her dining room, as well she should! If you missed this, it’s the last page of House Beautiful, July/August.



Truly, timeless. A dinner service that is both classic and colorful – one that has stood the test of time literally for centuries. Shown left, with our lemon hand-emboidered linens and 19th century Christofle and Williams and Brook flatware, Mottahedeh’s Tobacco Leaf is a fully licensed pattern that Mottahedeh produces from pieces in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. This extravagant design was originally made in China, probably for export to the Portuguese and Brazilian… Continue reading

Yet another reason to like mayonnaise!


Like we need one! This morning, I picked up my morning coffee cup and saucer and, “Hmm.” It was stuck to the table. The saucer was fresh from the dishwasher and, unbeknown to me, was still wet or at least damp on the underside when I set it down. It gave a gasp of struggle as I picked it up, but enough to make me look down and notice that some of the finish had been lifted from the area… Continue reading