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Mobile Tabletops!

Once upon a time, kids may have been able to come home for lunch, but now that the neighborhood school is a thing of the past and most parents are both working, this is probably impossible. Parents now have to be savvy and not only pack nutritious meals for their kids’ lunches for their kids to eat, ┬ábut also food kids will look forward to eating. Jamie Oliver has dedicated his professional life in the past few years to improving the health of school aged children through his Food Revolution show and site, and as someone who has signed up to follow him, I regularly get updates on Facebook. Today came a series of images of lunches packed by parents for their kids complete with information and recipes. I love the idea of these bento box-style lunches. Not only do they ensure a great lunch at school, but they also cut down on the trash that can accumulate when 500 kids toss empty bags, bottles, and plates into the trash. If school lunches leave you cold, try any of these tempting ideas, or perhaps be inspired and create something on your own! If you can’t share the table with your children at lunchtime, at least you can insure they feel your love with a thoughtful packing of a beautiful, healthy meal they have at school. Sign up to follow Jamie. There are hundreds of great ideas to help you plan meals both at home and on the go!

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