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  • christmas branch linenIMG_9036

    Christmas Branch Linens

    The season of Christmas deserves nothing less than a classic pattern hand embroidered on snow white linen with a delicate hemstitch border. Pine boughs rest naturally on linen with their needles rendered exquisitely by hand in shades of green and sprigged with small budded cones in silvery grays and taupes to complete the just-picked quality of the design. Delicate and simple- perfect for country Christmas celebrations or chic, urban holiday fetes, they can complement and be fresh with any number… Continue reading

  • lemon-linens-01

    Lemon Linens

    The fruit on these linens is as fresh as if you’ve just picked them off your tree.  These linens are painstakingly hand-embroidered with beautiful fruit, flowers and foliage on crisp white linen with a delicate hemstitch border. The sensitive, artistic use of the multiple shades of yellow and green threads create a vibrant, fresh, dimensional quality that is unparalleled. The fruit is rounded, the leaves flip and turn on themselves, and the blossoms even have the slightest bit of blush… Continue reading

  • mimosa linenIMG_9054

    Mimosa Linens

    Here in the desert southwest, we have beautiful Acacia trees belonging to the Mimosoideae family that bloom a beautiful yellow in the spring. These blooms are also called Mimosen, or Mimosa blossoms. These delicate yellow blossoms on stem are rendered in fine knot work in numerous shades of yellow from pale butter to light gold, with their fern-like foliage in shades of green which twist and turn giving a sense of movement. These sprigs of blooms are presented on fine white… Continue reading

  • magnolia linen-01

    Magnolia Linens

    These linens are the very essence of spring. There is something magical as trees begin to bud and bloom after a long winter, and this design captures that moment when the bare magnolia branches begin to flower. These linens have a slight Asian quality with regards to the restraint of the design, and they look smashing with blue Canton porcelain dishes, but they can complement any number of dishes and styles. They are painstakingly hand-embroidered with beautiful buds and flowers and… Continue reading

  • orange linenIMG_9018

    Orange Linens

    Like the rendering of the fruit on the lemon linens, these vibrant oranges are picture-perfect.  These linens are painstakingly hand-embroidered with beautiful fruit, blossoms and foliage on crisp white linen with a large hemstitch border. What sets this design apart form others in the collection is that the oranges are represented in three stages of growth: the green stage, where the fruit is fully formed, yet not ripe; the yellow stage, where the fruit has begun to ripen;  and the… Continue reading

  • rose hips linen IMG_9077

    Rose Hips Linens

    Rose hips are the fruit of the rose plant that begins to form in spring and ripens from early summer through fall. These linens are painstakingly hand-embroidered with beautifully rendered ripe rose hips on the stem on crisp white linen with a delicate hemstitch border. The botanical quality of these linens comes from the sensitive, artistic use of the brick and sienna reds of the rose hips detailed with a deep, dark chocolate brown thread spiked with gray, which gives… Continue reading

  • candles005

    Beeswax Candles

    If there could be one thing that makes an event special, it could very well be candlelight. Everyone looks better in it, it hides a multitude of sins in terms of rooms that are a bit  “less than”- whatever that may mean to you, and it just plain raises the bar. For me, there is no substitute for quality candlelight produced by 100% pure beeswax candles. I am thrilled to offer my signature line of 100% beeswax candles made by a… Continue reading

  • IMG_9113

    Green Glassware

    Literally. This glassware epitomizes the mantra: “reduce, recycle, reuse” as they started out as wine bottles gathered from restaurants. Through the skilled hands of an industrious entrepreneur, they have been beautifully cut and polished resulting in an extraordinarily smooth edge. These are perfect for use as water and wine glasses, corralling desk items, and keeping tasting spoons handy near the stove- anything you can imagine! They also make effortless vases (think “a casual take on the julep cup”) and I… Continue reading

  • egg shell three pieces

    Eggshell Marquetry Bamboo Bowls and Trays

    These beautiful bamboo pieces’ delicate marbling comes from the mosaic of duck eggshell pieces applied to their outer surfaces. Note: Flat shipping rate within the United States is $14.95 per order. [wp_cart:Eggshell Small bowl (10 cm diam.):price:28.00:end] Small bowl (10 cm diam.): 28.00 [wp_cart:Eggshell Medium bowl (14 cm diam.):price:39.00:end] Medium bowl (14 cm diam.): 39.00 [wp_cart:Eggshelll Small tray (35 cm diam.):price:88.00:end] Small tray (35 cm diam.): 88.00 [wp_cart:Eggshell Large tray (45 cm diam.):price:99.00:end] Large tray (45 cm diam.): 99.00 USD… Continue reading

  • bamboo storage colors01

    Lacquer Bamboo Containers

    The  Zavi containers are made from bamboo that has been hollowed out into completely smooth-surfaced cylinders and coated in 12 coats of solvent and volatile organic compound (VOC) free lacquer. Each container comes with its own cork stopper and the set rests in a white lacquer rack that has predrilled holes so that it can be hung close to where the action is. These containers make a lively spice rack which would surely add character to any kitchen. They can… Continue reading

  • lime green-01

    Lacquer Bamboo Ming Bowls and Trays

    Not all bamboo products are created equally! Twelve coats of lacquer give these bamboo pieces their brilliance and depth. To hold these in your hands is to feel their quality- their heft, their smoothness. Bamboo is an ancient material and is still very much present in Vietnamese culture. It is used for making simple utensils like chopsticks to more complex building materials such as scaffolding, drains, and framing for buildings, though plastic and concrete are becoming more prevalent. It is… Continue reading