Walking the walk

People ask me why I started this site, and how I’ve chosen the things I’ve collected here to sell. I have to say that these are easy questions to answer. The simple truth is that I’ve been lucky to find some really cool things that I personally love and use myself, and thought there must be other people like me who may love them too!

When I found these beautiful dishes at the Paris home show, Maison et Objet, several years ago, they struck a chord with me. I love the freeform edges, the intricate designs made from placing different pieces of lace into the wet, red Provenςal clay, and the beautiful, semi-opaque white glaze used that lets a bit of that red color come through. They are not inexpensive, but when I met the artist who creates these dishes by hand, each one different than the one before, I wanted to not only support her, but find others who still are creating things by hand.

The quality is in every piece, and you can feel the handwork that went into the creation of each dish. Of course setting a table with multiple settings of these dishes would be amazing, but I also thought that just one place setting or a few dishes could really add to host’s entertaining repertoire of great serving pieces. That’s how I use my set. When I steam a couple of artichokes and use the mid-sized plate and bowl, it makes something that could have been ordinary into “more”. Even if it’s just us, we are worth the “more”.

I’ve been so aware of articles in shelter magazines lately that talk about people who use their “good things” daily instead of saving them for grand occasions. It’s great advice and one way to ritualize meals as time to spent together as family and friends, not just something to do on the run or while multi-tasking. But even when it’s just a Tuesday night, and you having some artichokes, treating yourself as company can do wonders for your self-esteem.






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