The Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick Maker…

candles007-300x300The big three. It’s not hard to imagine that once upon a time, these fellows were quite necessary townsfolk. But for the moment, let’s consider the candlestick maker. Light has the ability to extend day into evening, and it wasn’t so long ago that the flame was the source of this light. As a matter of fact, the United States wasn’t fully converted to electricity till the 1930’s (I know, right?!). Before whale oil, gas, and kerosene, this flame came from candles- hence the importance of the person who created these. Quick side note- the opening scene of the film Dangerous Liaisons has a moment when you see a magnificent chandelier being lowered by rope and pulley and the candles being changed out and lit in the late afternoon glow- it puts things into perspective! The need for sparkle and reflection makes sense!

Today, it’s about ambience, not necessity, that we use candles; they can make any event unfathomably more elegant. I have a soft spot for my tall beeswax tapers. There is something inherently different about beeswax- the soft fresh scent, the translucent glow of the candle at the tip as it burns- I could go on, but I’m getting far afield. Candles are only one part of the equation- for without the second, potentially you can’t have have the first. I am speaking of candlestick holders- without which the candlestick would surely topple! And I have come across a line candlesticks that made me pause, they are so beautiful- those designed by Ted Muehling for E.R.Butler.

bronze gold

Inspired by the precision of nineteenth-century lathe work, Mr. Muehling has based the design of his bronze candlesticks on three basic shapes: the egg, an attenuated rod, and a trumpet form. By combining and varying these, Muehling has created 17 different candlesticks that can be used individually, in symmetrical pairs, or in groupings of 3 or more. The finishes include oxidized as well as silver and gold plated bronze. Truly spectacular!







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