The whole process of setting up a home can be daunting. Whether you are remodeling or refurnishing a space you’re already in, or moving into a entirely new space, it often is a good time to reflect on who you are as a family, and what story your home tells. I’ve written about New York Social Diary before, and recently, in their NYSD House section, there is an interview with New York designer Campion Platt, in his city apartment. In the interview, Platt discusses his process he undergoes with his clients and that, with the client, he first develops an overall story to tell. Once the client signs on to that story, he then can present a few options within the parameters of the story and say,  “If the story is this, then it follows that these are… two options (of x) that work in this space… I’m very pragmatic about it. I try to stay to that storyline so that the theme runs all the way through.”

When asked the difference between ‘story’ and ‘inspiration’ his response was, “You have to have a story before you can become inspired.” His approach is a cerebral one and that inspired the writing of a book, Made to Order, which delves into this approach in more depth.

Having a story. It’s a large part of what makes a house a home. Often times, storylines aren’t completely obvious, but people just seem naturally comfortable in spaces. This usually elicits questions about what they see or experience in the home, and gives the homeowner a chance to share a bit of themselves and their own history. That’s what a home should be, a collection of stories that tell about you and your family.

When asked the story of his family’s apartment, Platt said his wife wanted a white, downtown loft which he infused with a more “with it” vibe. Based on the photos, it looks like that story rings clear!

An oversized painting by artist Hunt Slonem hangs on a wall behind a Swarovski Crystal chandelier suspended from the dining room ceiling. A LED lighting system diffuses a soft purple hue across the dining space of the loft. The dining table and chairs are designed by Platt.



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