Step Up To The Plate

What is the single guy to do? Stocking dishes for a new apartment or home for a guy can be a bit of a challenge. Maybe he’s got his parents’ cast-offs or has a girlfriend who takes him to a “chain home store” to get him set up. But then he could be stuck with someone else’s taste and/or personality when all he really wants is something that looks cool, won’t break, and won’t set him back a lot of cash. There is something out there for him: Buffalo China.

This is the classic all-white dinnerware that’s been revived and sold through outlets like Bed, Bath and Beyond. The look is vintage without being “granny”, and there is heft to these dishes that speak to their durability. On a practical note, the dishes are made of porcelain, which is why they resist chipping and breaking (these were the workhorse dishes for diners, hotels, and railroads all over the US for most of the last century, after all) and are microwave and dishwasher safe – in other words: low maintenance, but with a certain style.

These come in complete sets or it’s easy to find retailers that sell the dishes a la cart in sets of four (four dinner plates or four bowls, for example, or mugs instead of cups and saucers, or vice-versa, whatever might be needed).

So for less than a hundred bucks, a guy can have a great set of dishes that his friends can’t embarrass him about, and can still host a dinner date in his own home, even if the food is takeout.



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