Back to SchoolIt seems that our calendars are blessed with several reset buttons, and the Back to School season is one of them. By the time the end of the previous school year comes, we’ve gotten sloppy, realizing that mistakes have been made, and we vow next year, “Things will be better!” Or at least different. But then everyone just wants to be done and to move on to summer, which by its nature is loose with few rules or regulations. So this is the perfect time to try something new, something you’ve read about or have been wanting to do differently, whether it be organizational, gastronomical, or… I would like to think that incorporating more home cooked family meals during the week would be on at least a few lists. It’s quality time that is just too precious not to take advantage of, whether you have a house full of kids or are empty-nesters, or whether it’s just you and your “plus one”. So if the desire is there, yet the knowledge is not (remember when there was a Home Economics class taught in schools?!), Jamie Oliver comes to the rescue with his new cook book and series. The thrust of this new book is all in the title: Save With Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less.

savewithjamie_bookJamie’s book’s mission is to “…arm you with all the knowledge you need for clever recipes, with Jamie’s trademark tips, tricks and ideas to help you. It’s about making the most of your ingredients, embracing leftovers, using your freezer, loads of clever things that will help you ‘shop smart, cook clever, waste less’ for your family.” There are some staggering statistics out there regarding the way people consume and waste food, which prompted Jamie to write this and produce the new series. Some highlights (or are they lowlights…?):

More than half of all meals eaten outside of the home are fast food

The US spends enough money on junk food each year to potentially end world hunger

In Britain, 40% of food bought ends up in the bin

Yikes! Further reflections from Jamie taken from his website shed light on who could benefit from this, “This book isn’t aimed at new cooks; it’s aimed at everyone – students going to university for the first time and needing a helping hand, families on a budget, anyone looking to learn principles they can apply to their everyday shopping and cooking, young, old whoever.”

Looks like it may be time for all of us to hit the books!



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