On the Streets of Paris

When you first get to Paris, the trick is to stay awake that first night so you can reset your body clock. What better way than to walk the Marais? The cold (40 degrees felt like 30, even this first week of April!) wind made the walk brisk and helped revitalize weary travelers! We were about to turn down rue du Temple when we noticed a flurry of activity with several people unloading furniture and arranging it on the corner in front of a closed store. On closer examination, the pieces were GREAT looking, and we located the person who looked to in charge to ask about the designs, which were simple, yet quite beautiful. He quickly pulled out his little Rhodia tablet and within two minutes, he handed us this:

paris chair pic 1
Amazing… guerrilla furniture makers giving designs away on the street to foreigners! While I was waiting for the drawing, Jeff was snapping pix with his phone:

A deceptively simple chair made from reclaimed pine pallets- quite comfortable, rustic (almost a brutish take on Jean Michel Frank?!), yet with a sense of refinement… Only in Paris. The group’s webpage isĀ here. Apparently they “pop up” ( they call them “actions”) all over Europe. The table and benches are variations on this theme, which was drawn on the reverse of the chair plan:

paris bench pic 1
et voila:

Technically a bench, but what a great looking console table this would be at a taller height?




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