Let there be light…

If there could be ONE thing that makes an event special, it could very well be candlelight. Everyone looks better in it, it hides a multitude of sins in terms of rooms that are a bit  “less than”- whatever that may mean to you, and it just plain raises the bar.

Light. It’s so important, especially at this time of year. The natural light is diminishing as days are becoming shorter. Family traditions and winter rituals call for a different quality of light. For me, there is no substitute for quality candlelight produced by 100% pure beeswax candles.

I have used beeswax candles for forever, literally. My earliest recollection of candles is of my mom’s brass candlesticks given to her by my grandmother (She had quite a number of these. Even after giving substantial collections to my aunt and mom, there were still a large number of them in her home!) fitted with beeswax candles. The gentle fragrance is an instant transport to my childhood home.

I am thrilled to offer a signature line of 100% beeswax candles made by a venerable family company that has been in the candle business going on 85 years. These candles are solid beeswax tapers that are 12 inches in length, and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into these follows the industrious efforts of thousands of bees. 160,000 bees must travel 150,000 miles collecting nectar to yield enough wax to create just 2 pairs of these solid 12″ tapers. These pure 100% beeswax tapers burn at a rate of ¾ of an inch per hour and should be arranged about 4 inches apart out of the way of drafts.

There is nothing better than to bask in the glow of these beeswax candles. The gentle fragrance and the quality of light recall the great churches of Europe, but the good news is that they are made right here!

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