Let the season begin!

Just got the schedule for Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort‘s “Lunch and Learn” summer series. Had the privilege of presenting last year with Chef Beau MacMillan (also known as the chef who toppled Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America!) who runs the three-ring three-course demonstration/lunch with each course paired with wine or a cocktail. What’s new this year is that each of the guest chefs are coming in for two events, an evening dinner on Friday and the classic Saturday “Lunch and Learn”. A great way to pass the time during a hot summer weekend! There are fantastic reservation deals, too, so you could make it a great weekend vacation/stay-cation. And really, what’s better than eating fantastic food and day-drinking on a sweltering summer Saturday in summer?! And because you already have a great base going, why not continue the revelry at the resort’s Jade Bar? They have their own great Mixology 101 courses during the weekend, so you could truly make it an “event” weekend, even when all you are celebrating is that you’re not outside in 115 degree weather!

Master of Ceremony, Chef Beau, and yours truly



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