Have dessert first!

Does this mean you’re a pessimist or an optimist? Or maybe you just REALLY like dessert! In any case, you’ll need stylish plates from which to serve your sweet confections- or perhaps a savory cheese course! With plates today, the rules about what to use, when, and why are getting lax, so use these for anything you can dream up!

For your consideration: vintage sets of Mottahedeh’s classic pattern, “Summer Fruit”. Perfect for that sinful something following your Thanksgiving feast or anytime you are entertaining, these plates have a beautiful apricot-hued embossed, scalloped border surrounding a center fruit and foliage medallion, rendered in full color. Highlighting the center of each plate is a thin, elegant gold band. This pattern was active from 1992-1998, but harken back to an even more gentile time, and can mix in perfectly with traditional dinnerware patterns or be used as a counterpoint to more contemporary dishes you may have. One set is of eight plates (one each of: cherry, apple, strawberry, pear, grape, plum, peach, and apricot), and the other is of four (one each of: cherry, apple, plum, and pear). Either is bound to melt the ice cream of your pie a la mode! Not in Phoenix? Not a problem. Please contact me and I can I have these to you in time for all your holiday celebrations!

The set of eight vintage Mottahedeh “Summer Fruit” plates 240.00

The set of four vintage Mottahedeh “Summer Fruit” plates 120.00




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