Fresh and cool


Where it all began…

Now that the temperature has been turned up, it’s all about getting cool, and for me, these linens are just the thing to bring relief from the hot summer sun! Crisp white European linen from The Masters of Linen consortium, and fine hand work of refreshing lemons on the stem just makes you feel more cool!

I say this is where it all began, because these were the linens that grabbed my attention my first trip to Maison et Objet, the huge Paris home show. It was in the massive Tabletop pavilion at the show that first trip that the ‘For Your Tabletop’ seed was planted, and the whole scope of this project came into alignment, and these were the first products I acquired for my site and store. I was so impressed with the quality of the linen and hand-work (that they were actually HAND embroidered!) and by the artist who created all the designs. It is her vision that gets translated so beautifully by hand in these truly heirloom quality linens. So many people say this about so many items- that they’re heirloom quality- that I almost hesitate to describe these this way, but these are the real deal. The quality of the linen and hand-work is unsurpassed- an investment, yes, but one that will last!

How fitting that in the week I am hosting the official launch for my business for the Phoenix design community and friends that I revisit where I began.



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