Fall has flung!

Okay, in some parts of the country we just have to try a little harder. I love the change of seasons, but don’t live in a region that sees these changes too readily. Of course the light is different now and that usually is the indication that a transition is happening, but the temperature outside can stay steady well into December.

It can be tricky getting into the spirit of this time of year, so what helps me is to be a little proactive. Flowers can be a start. This arrangement is a variation on a theme that I can do at any time of year.

For the fall, I like these rust Estelle roses (much more vibrant of a color than the Terra Cotta or over-bred Leonidas roses) and team them with Super Green roses. Usually I use tonal colors in this arrangement, but there is something about the contrast here that works. To help blend things out and add texture, I use cream Lisianthus and Leucadenron pods. And to top things off, several brown cymbidium orchid blooms. Now, even though there isn’t a hint of chill in the air, I can say with certainty, “Fall has flung!”

Of course, heralding this season can be done in a variety of ways from seasonal fruit (think pomegranates in your favorite bowl) to all variations of pumpkins that are available today. What is important is that we mark these changes. Our minds need the cycle of seasons. So, clip some branches, gather some roses, or buy some fruit. It will do your soul some good.



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