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Flowers on a dining table can be a tricky thing. It can be even trickier when the dining table is in a private dining room and that private dining room is in a celebrity chef’s restaurant (with it’s own “kitchen stadium” view no less!). I’ve always liked grouping flowers together by variety and color in separate vases, but flowers just didn’t seem to work… And, since we were in the foodie environment, I opted for edible, rather than merely visual for the look- still separating by variety and color.



Kale is not only healthy to eat, it’s beautiful to look at too! I used two different varieties for interest and added stems of sage for a bit of texture, as well as fresh blackberry sprigs that were just beginning to ripen so they were a great combination of green and purple. Then I found these amazing birch covered containers for vases and arranged them on the table first laid with an eight foot fresh bay leaf garland. Just add votives, and voila!

XII side

XII DBut don’t forget the sideboard and niche! I used a grouping from the table on the sideboard with a cylinder of just-budding quince branches (still technically edible?) and in the niche, just a cylinder of quince to finish off the room.¬†XII dish

And what a room! Table¬†XII, as the private dining room of Elements has been named, has been designed by Lynne Beyer Design to treat all the senses. The table is a massive piece of granite, the chairs are one-of-a-kind (or should that be 12-of-a-kind?) and the mix of Bernardaud Ecume Platinum dishes and silver Jaune de Chrome Hussard flatware plus great crystal and other accessaries enhanced chef Beau MacMillan‘s exquisitely prepared nine course dinner. All this made for a magical evening hosted by and in honor of our dear friends, R&J.

XII EThe view from the table: Chef Beau and staff on the line, deep into service.


Shaved truffle, anyone?



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