Celebrating summer!

JANUSlogoThe summer season is ripe for entertaining, and rounding out your tabletop with just the right accessory (or accessories!) can pull your whole look together. I stumbled across these versatile pieces while perusing Janus et Cie’s amazing website.

I love the tag at the end of their About page: “The best furniture to sun in, dine on or simply look at…indoors or out ®”. And I agree. This is merely a sampling of the meticulously made products available on their website where you can shop without requiring a designer. And, given the shear force of their design and the quality with which they’ve been produced, these products are startlingly well-priced.

crown bowlThe first piece that caught my eye is their beautiful Crown Bowl. I am always hunting for that perfect bowl- one that looks equally beautiful empty or full of colorful fruit, which is always a winning look on any table, and this fills the bill. Both modern and classic, this perfectly oversized, round glazed white porcelain bowl has a gently scalloped edge and is, as its description tells, simple and essential. I love the way they show it with both fruit and some foliage- a great look even if you bought the fruit rather than just pulled in your latest harvest!

JeC Furniture CarpinteriaAnother find for me is their Artifact collection of vases. I love the irregular shapes and texture, and the three together give you an instant collection ready for some simple blooms.  Whether clustered as a group on your table or used individually throughout your home, these handshaped vases have a wonderfully sophisticated bohemian quality that seems so right.

JeC Furniture CarpinteriaA third unique look that would make a huge impact on your table is the Pollen vase taking its shape from lotus pods. I love the naturalistic quality they impart, and they look smashing all on their own, but the added bonus for you is that they also hold water and flowers. I’m crazy for the rich bronze finish, but they also offer a glossy white as well, and both finishes come in small and large sizes.

The summer is about casual entertaining, and these finds can surely help you get started!





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