Batting .500

Top 10So, I was perusing the internet today, and low and behold: a new list of must haves. These lists are almost like bad car crashes, you hate them, yet can’t look away. And there you are: “10 Things Every Woman Needs at Home”. Relax. It’s from Elle Decor, nothing more risqué than that! Of the 10, five have merit, and therefore I am passing them along, though I dare say that ANYONE’S home would be made richer for these, not just a woman’s. Think of this as “Best of…” from me to you. I’m always editing…

#11. A Piece With History. From John Robshaw, with respect. We are of a mind that a piece from the family adds to a home’s story, or “narrative”. A table, chest, dishes, silver- I’ve always said, “Just say yes!” and you’ll figure it out later when heirlooms are being offered. No family heirlooms? When traveling, find something that speaks to you and bring it home! Not many can do the Grand Tour anymore, but it needn’t be from any place in particular. A token from a trip on a coffee table adds to the story your home is telling. Not traveling? Head to your local antique mall and find a treasure!



4. A Custom, One-Of-A-Kind Piece. Also from Mr. Robshaw. Furniture is tricky. We all fall for #4the catalog rooms and want ours to look just like that, but choosing something that you have added your two cents in designing- whether it’s just the fabric that covers the piece, or style of leg or finish, if you have a choice speaks to your investing in your home in a more creative way. This also refers to art, so become a collector, and no, it doesn’t have to be expensive!

#66. One Kitchen Gadget You Love and Use and No More! This from Jen Going. The idea here is that less is more in the kitchen, and every appliance lined up like soldiers on your counter looks tedious and takes away from your valuable work surface area. Reminds me of Ina Garten’s advice that highly specialized appliances that serve one function once or twice a year are traps for the home cook.





7. A Comfortable, Stylish Rug. Again, Mr. Robshaw. It’s all about layers, and an inviting rug #7adds more than you realize. It also is a great way to dampen that hollow sound in a room. “Stylish” is in the eye of the beholder, and as long as you like it, and the rug has integrity of material and design, it’s “stylish”.







10. Fresh Greens. This was echoed by Ms. Going and Alessandra Branca and always seems to be the added touch before the reveal on make-over shows. Some flowers easily placed in a simple vase or fruit in a bowl (that you then actually eat!) is a great way to breath life into a room or on a dining table. Oh, and the key here is “real”. Enough said. #10



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