Floral Collections

Orange Topiary

A variation on a theme. While I love the large lemon topiary, I also quite like these smaller “trees” for use on the table. Here, with orange roses standing in for fruit, they provide a cultivated botanical look. Ruscus leaves have been used to form the foliage of the tree, which grows from a hedge of variegated pittosporum planted in a simple terra cotta pot. The trunk of the tree is an alder branch cut down to size. Nature very… Continue reading


Lemon topiary

Nature à la française– order over nature! A “created” lemon topiary in a classic Versailles box made by the same manufacturer that produces the large planter boxes for the chateau. There is something about citrus that is just so fresh- I love making these pieces for a dining room sideboard, entryway, guest book station, or to place in the garden. I always try to incorporate the green leaves with the fruit at the base as well as adding lemon blossoms.… Continue reading


Geraldine roses and Star of Bethlehem

  Roses are so readily available in markets everywhere. Wherever you shop, ask the floral manager when they get their deliveries, and plan accordingly. You’ll want to buy them when they are the freshest for you, not after a few days of sitting in stagnant water. Some points to remember: Buy more then you think you need. Roses usually some come in dozens at the market, and a dozen is perfect amount to fill a small glass or vase. If… Continue reading

geraldine roses001-featured

Peach Avalanche roses

And sometimes roses are perfect just by themselves! 24 Peach Avalanche roses in a simple clear cylinder with a spiral of stems and cuff of emerald green galax leaves- and sometimes less is more!

peach avalanche roses-02