Lacquer Bamboo Containers

Lacquer Bamboo Containers

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The  Zavi containers are made from bamboo that has been hollowed out into completely smooth-surfaced cylinders and coated in 12 coats of solvent and volatile organic compound (VOC) free lacquer. Each container comes with its own cork stopper and the set rests in a white lacquer rack that has predrilled holes so that it can be hung close to where the action is. These containers make a lively spice rack which would surely add character to any kitchen. They can also help organize a desk space, as well as any number of other uses- the sky’s the limit!

Note: Flat shipping rate within the United States is $14.95 per order.

[wp_cart:Bamboo containers 7/set with rack:price:132.00:end] Bamboo containers 7/set with rack: 132.00

These are hand made by craftspeople in accordance with fair-trade regulations. Combined with this ancient craft are lacquers, that are clean and food-safe, and without solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). The food safety of these pieces will not be degraded by acidic foods or liquids, which makes these perfect for everyday family use, but remember, “handmade, hand wash”. These products are environmentally friendly and compliant with REACH and are made with the greatest of care. The craftspeople who produce these pieces work for decent wages, register their children for school, replant the natural resources that they use, and learn to limit their CO2 emissions. The company also doesn’t exploit children in the workplace.

Bamboo is an ancient material and is still very much present in Vietnamese culture. It is used for making simple utensils like chopsticks to more complex building materials such as scaffolding, drains, and framing for buildings, though plastic and concrete are becoming more prevalent. It is a resource with undeniable qualities: it’s flexible, solid, resistant to disease and insects and grows quickly, stabilizes the soil, and helps to convert CO2. The preservation of its usage is the guarantee of the continuation of the Vietnamese culture.

  • Colors (left to right) yellow, white, orange, turquoise blue, eggplant, magenta, lime green
  • The set measures 38 cm in length and 6.5 cm in width. Each lacquered cylinder is 13.5 cm tall.
  • Perfect for keeping your most used spices handy or for helping to organize a desk area- but really their use is limited only to your imagination!

[wp_cart:Zavi containers 7/set with rack:price:132.00:end] Zavi containers 7/set with rack: 132.00