Eggshell Marquetry Bamboo Bowls and Trays

Eggshell Marquetry Bamboo Bowls and Trays

egg shell three pieces

These beautiful bamboo pieces’ delicate marbling comes from the mosaic of duck eggshell pieces applied to their outer surfaces.

Note: Flat shipping rate within the United States is $14.95 per order.

[wp_cart:Eggshell Small bowl (10 cm diam.):price:28.00:end] Small bowl (10 cm diam.): 28.00
[wp_cart:Eggshell Medium bowl (14 cm diam.):price:39.00:end] Medium bowl (14 cm diam.): 39.00
[wp_cart:Eggshelll Small tray (35 cm diam.):price:88.00:end] Small tray (35 cm diam.): 88.00
[wp_cart:Eggshell Large tray (45 cm diam.):price:99.00:end] Large tray (45 cm diam.): 99.00 USD

Each product is handmade by Vietnamese crafts people in accordance with the fair-trade regulations. All lacquers, glues and varnishes, as well as inlaid eggshell, are food-safe and without solvents or volatile organic components (VOC’s). These products are environmentally friendly and compliant with REACH, and are made with the greatest of care.

These bowls and trays come in two sizes. Individually, the bowls can hold everything from car keys and pocket change to hummus or olives, and the trays can corral bottles on your bar or collect the mail on the entrance table. Used together, a bowl and tray duo gives new meaning to “chip-and-dip”, or can serve as a cheese and bread board or display an antipasto. They will retain their food safety regardless of acidic foods or liquids but always remember, “handmade, hand wash!”