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For Your Tabletop presents The Curated Table. You can start today building your collection of beautiful tableware that will grow monthly and in six months’ time, you’ll have a complete service to set a classic table. Each monthly shipment comes with practical tips, allowing you to use them upon arrival.

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Batting .500

Top 10

So, I was perusing the internet today, and low and behold: a new list of must haves. These lists are almost like bad car crashes, you hate them, yet can’t look away. And there you are: “10 Things Every Woman Needs at Home”. Relax. It’s from Elle Decor, nothing more risqué than that! Of the 10, five have merit, and therefore I am passing them along, though I dare say that ANYONE’S home would be made richer for these, not… Continue reading

Expose yourself


Sometimes you see a great dining room that you love, and this one designed by Dan Marty is just that, great! The take-away here is the open armoire. It really is more inviting to expose a little of yourself and your collections, especially in an intimate space like a dining room where you’re breaking bread with your fellow humans. Granted, it requires a bit of curating and organization, but the effect is really inviting. The basket collection on top keeps drawing… Continue reading

Never ‘flat’ware!


I’m obsessed with vintage silver. To be clear, 19th century silver-plated flatware from Christofle, preferably in boxed sets. While it is an investment, it is nowhere near the cost of sterling, and I’m beginning to appreciate having just A SET of flatware rather than one for everyday and one for holidays and state occasions. I love this set of 12 dinner forks and 12 dinner (table) spoons. The monogram is on the reverse, typical of Continental silver as Europeans set… Continue reading

Beyond flowers


A thank you to writer Corey Whelan, who has some great recipe ideas to wow your Valentine this February 14. She asked me for some ideas to enhance the mood and I came up with two flowerless options to help kindle the fire. Grab that old deck of cards and find that crazy romantic love song/letter (“…ever thine, ever mine, ever ours…”) and whip up some magic! Check out Corey’s article on newyork.cbslocal.com for her great recipes flavored with my… Continue reading

Blast from the past


Holiday wrap up… Given the fact that there really isn’t anything new on under the sun, I turned to the past- the WAY past for this year’s table. Pomanders have been around for centuries, and while you can make them to last for years by covering them in a spice mix that includes orrisroot (a kind of natural fixative…) I decided mine would be ephemeral- a brief bright, festive flourish for the holidays. To be honest, nothing says Christmas like… Continue reading