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The key to it all…


QUALITY So, one day (the first week of July, 1980, to be exact), my dad brings my mom a cartoon by Dean Vietor clipped from the New Yorker, and says, “This is Bob!” A guy kneeling at his bed prays, ‘I don’t ask for much, but what I get should be of very good quality.’ Word. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by quality from an early age. My dad was Baker Furniture’s West Coast manufacturer’s rep, and as such, our… Continue reading

Sharing space


In tight spaces, there’s always room for multi-function. Under the deft hand of Madeline Stuart, a corner of a living room acts as a library-cum-intimate dining space (great table, a couple of interesting chairs, window bench seating- check!). And that Donald Kaufman color is crazy good!         (DKC-11 from Donald Kaufman)



Time together as a family around the table is good for everyone involved, and recent research has proved this. It’s this time that anchors families. It’s not the big holiday feasts once or twice a year, but the regular, reliable, shared meals that count. Shared meals send the message that citizenship in a family entails certain standards beyond individual whims. The power of this habit may not materialize immediately, but there will be a time when the family lingers at the table engrossed in a story… Continue reading

So, just who had the idea?!


Marie Antoinette may just have had the most recognizable décolletage in history, all thanks to the champagne coupe- that old-time glass shape said to be modeled after the ill-fated Queen’s breast (Which one- right or left? We’ll never know!). Like all cocktail accessories, the coupe is having a bit of a renaissance, thanks to Riedel, the 300 year old Austrian glass company. They’ve brought back the Veritas Coupe for you to enjoy your bubbly from- quite appropriate, since Marie was… Continue reading

Table Tricks

Champagene cage

It’s always a good idea to have a cleaver trick up your sleeve for just the right moment, and being able to create these beautiful chairs out of the cages from atop champagne bottles could  just the thing! Copy and clip to keep in your wallet, or better yet, buy a few bottles of bubbly and practice till you can do it from memory! Thanks House Beautiful! Make a dozen of these and they could become place card holders for… Continue reading

It’s not YOUR Old Family Dining Room…


That’s for sure! The Old Family Dining Room at the White House has been in need of refreshening for awhile! Back in 2011, when I was part of the team that decorated the White House for Christmas, we had our lunch in this room during the 3 days we worked in the residence. What was once a seldom photographed very dated yellow room and previously off limits to tours, is now on display and has entered a new age. The… Continue reading

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