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For Your Tabletop presents The Curated Table. You can start today building your collection of beautiful tableware that will grow monthly and in six months’ time, you’ll have a complete service to set a classic table. Each monthly shipment comes with practical tips, allowing you to use them upon arrival.

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Regardless of the option you choose, your subscription or purchase includes a one-year membership in For Your Tabletop, entitling you to a 10 percent discount on all other purchases.

The Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick Maker…

bronze gold

The big three. It’s not hard to imagine that once upon a time, these fellows were quite necessary townsfolk. But for the moment, let’s consider the candlestick maker. Light has the ability to extend day into evening, and it wasn’t so long ago that the flame was the source of this light. As a matter of fact, the United States wasn’t fully converted to electricity till the 1930’s (I know, right?!). Before whale oil, gas, and kerosene, this flame came… Continue reading

The Anatomy of a Table


Riffing off my last post about travel and procurement, I present my table. I’ve written about this piece of furniture often- it’s a classic 1950’s teak table designed by Finn Juhl for Baker, it was MY family table growing up, etc. and really I never really think of tablecloths for it because it is so beautiful (though my mom had a great simple, solid-colored rose pink linen one she put on for Christmas!). Last week, while roaming the crowded streets… Continue reading

Practice, Practice, Practice


Facebook is great for a quick catching up with your friends from all over. You get a quick pic of where their mind is, things they’re doing, and yes, even what they’re eating- I call these “food selfies”- it’s almost like a social media Rorschach Test. While rolling trough my scroll, a friend of mine posted she was at an informal lunch where the host  set the table right before eating. She was most impressed and took a “table-selfie” to… Continue reading

Set for Spring


Spring has sprung! Match your table to the beautiful blooming outdoors with vintage Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf porcelain dishes. This is Mottahedeh’s cream-of-the-crop, which is licensed and authorized by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. One of the most prized of the Chinese Export patterns, it was developed circa 1780, probably for the Portuguese and Brazilian markets – though examples have also been found in other European countries and in North America. The design shows the leaves of the… Continue reading

Batting .500

Top 10

So, I was perusing the internet today, and low and behold: a new list of must haves. These lists are almost like bad car crashes, you hate them, yet can’t look away. And there you are: “10 Things Every Woman Needs at Home”. Relax. It’s from Elle Decor, nothing more risqué than that! Of the 10, five have merit, and therefore I am passing them along, though I dare say that ANYONE’S home would be made richer for these, not… Continue reading

Expose yourself


Sometimes you see a great dining room that you love, and this one designed by Dan Marty is just that, great! The take-away here is the open armoire. It really is more inviting to expose a little of yourself and your collections, especially in an intimate space like a dining room where you’re breaking bread with your fellow humans. Granted, it requires a bit of curating and organization, but the effect is really inviting. The basket collection on top keeps drawing… Continue reading